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What are the New Enhancements to SOLVE’s Debt Analysis?


What are the new enhancements to SOLVE’s debt analysis?

So first off, I’ll start with the idea that the debt analysis itself is an incredibly well received tool. It looks at outstanding debt for every issuer, every obligor in the marketplace, they’ll be able to pull up instantly once you type in. And we’re also doing debt service calculations. The advanced search feature is one that allows users to go from searching for say a single issuer or a single obligor or and again they’re outstanding debt service calculations to something significantly more robust. And the best way to really think about this and for me to describe this is think really what are the value propositions. So we’ve taken basically all the search parameters that you can contemplate as a user to be able to use those to identify debt for whatever reason.

For example, you’re looking to identify callable outstanding debt for funding opportunities for any market segment. And a good example might be, you know, a specific sector within a specific geography with a specific coupon range. Being able to literally put in those parameters and we’ll be able to pull up for you all the callable debt and then go ahead and do your refunding analysis from there. All of the output, by the way, is exportable to Excel. Another example where we know that clients will be and are using this now is where you want to prospect for deals by a competitor, for example, in your region. So where another firm is in place and you are active and you’re going to do some prospecting, the ability to be able to call up for potential clients.

And see their outstanding debt and be able to present to them an analysis of their outstanding debt can be quite useful. And then the last one that I can think of really off the top of my head is the idea of where again you’re operating in a specific region or a specific market segment and you have relationships with certain Municipal advisors or perhaps law firms. One of the search capabilities within the system is you’re able to look for deals based on market participants. And so that’s another way, again, where perhaps you want to engage with your outside counsel that you’ve used on a prospect, an issuer where you don’t have a relationship and perhaps counsel can help.

The other aspect of the debt analysis that we kind of made an enhancement to, and this is really a small but meaningful, is now you have the ability to display and export the data based on fiscal and or calendar year. So both of those capabilities are in the system as well. So that’s really where we kind of made these enhancements to the debt analysis.

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