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SOLVE is a leading market data platform provider for fixed income securities. Industry-leading firms trust the SOLVE Market Data Platform, powered by Deep Market Insight™, to reduce risk for securities investments and save hundreds of hours in pre- and post-trade research and validation.

Eugene Grinberg, CFA

Co-Founder & CEO

Gerard Nealon

Co-Founder & CEO

Joseph Plastina

Chief Financial Officer &
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Pascuma

Chief Revenue Officer

Keenan Marshall

Chief Technology Officer

Vincent Aubrun

Chief Information Officer

Wah Chu

Chief Customer Officer

Timothy Stevens,CFA

Chief Product Officer

Vlad Berson

Chief Marketing Officer

Shannon McGowan

Global Head of HR

Gregg Bienstock, ESQ

SVP, Group Head, Municipal Markets

Mark Sollecito

SVP, Account Management

Stacey Virzi

SVP, Operations

Sourav Srimal

SVP, Solutions

Michael Pellerito, SVP, Financial Engineering

Michael Pellerito

SVP, Credit Strategy and Derived Data

Premsudhan C Jaikumar

SVP, DevOps & Security

Kristiaan Sheedy


Craig Wagner

SVP, Sales

Jim Perrello,Advisor

Jim Perrello


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