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Save time researching comparables so you can price and trade securities competitively and with confidence. SOLVE Market Data Platform with Deep Market Insight™ lets you quickly do pre-trade price checks, view anonymized price runs in one portal or data feed, and incorporate other bids into your process.

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100s of Hours Saved

A Year on Research

Save Hundreds of Hours a Year Researching Comparables

Manually sorting through and identifying who is trading, at what price point, and where the market is moving is inefficient. Finding accurate pricing on the most illiquid the most illiquid credit assets is extremely time consuming and manual. SOLVE Market Data Platform with Deep Market Insight™ gives traders faster access to real time price transparency. Gain confidence you are competitively pricing your security.

Gain Market Color and Understand Where the Market is Moving

Organizations need access to timely, accurate, and comprehensive fixed income market data. SOLVE Market Data Platform with Deep Market Insight™ gives traders accurate pre-trade price context and color. Quickly do pre-trade price checks and view real time and historical bond trades and take advantage of millions of anonymized trade runs daily from leading institutions.

Provide the Best Price to Customers

Relying on customers for pricing and market movement can put you on your heels. SOLVE Market Data Platform with Deep Market Insight™ allows you to price at competitive offers and reduce back-office time in price checking. Reduce your risk and the investment risk for your customers.

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“SOLVE gave us critical fixed income data that we couldn’t get by ourselves. It allowed us to save hundreds of hours researching, valuing, and auditing transactions to get the clearest picture of how a fixed income security is valued and how we could best price it.”

Managing Director, Head of Flow Credit Sales & Trading,

Investment Bank

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