The Most Complete and Accurate Fixed Income Data Available

SOLVE Market Data Platform with Deep Market Insight™ provides unmatched depth, breadth, and accuracy for fixed income securities, so you can save time and reduce risk.

AI-Powered Technology Collects More Market Data and Trade Color

Save hundreds of hours by quickly and efficiently making sense of thousands of data points: parsed messages, composite pricing, market data, TRACE data, and more. SOLVE Market Data Platform provides up to 10x more data per day than the closest competitor, and data is easy to consume and manipulate.

Visualize market consensus pricing derived from millions of daily quotes collected by us, while augmenting your data with the largest contributed pricing dataset of bids and offers crowd-sourced from other companies.

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Flexible and Interoperable With Your Existing Data Feeds and Systems

Augment your data and pricing with millions of crowd-sourced, aggregated, and anonymized price runs, bids, offers, and trades from leading institutions. SOLVE Market Data Platform integrates with your existing data feeds, systems, and processes so you can work the way you want to.

The Most Complete Coverage of Illiquid Securities and Global Bonds

Deep Market Insight™ gives you confidence to know that you are buying, selling, and valuing fixed income securities accurately. SOLVE Market Data Platform includes a broad range of asset classes, anonymized prices from other companies, and real-time and historical pricing data.

Global Coverage Securities Daily Quotes
Structured Products
302,000 79,000
Corporate Bonds
IG, HY, EM, Sov, LatAm etc.
140,000 4,367,000
Convertible Bonds
Asia, Europe, North America
2,500 28,000
Credit Default Swaps
Single Name CDS
6,000 98,000
Syndicated Bank Loans
Broadly Syndicated, Middle Market
11,000 34,000
Municipal Bonds
US Munis
496,000 170,000


Advantage Data, Best Credit Data, and Lumesis Become SOLVE

SOLVE is committed to providing the most complete and accurate set of Fixed Income data available, with over 10x more data than its closest competitor. With the acquisition of Advantage Data, Best Credit Data, and Lumesis, the SOLVE Market Data Platform expands its asset coverage with critical data, expanded flexibility of use-cases, and makes it even easier to integrate into your existing systems.

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