SOLVE Market Data Platform for Buy-Side Trading & Portfolio Management

Trading and Portfolio Management professionals of corporate bonds, syndicated loans, CDs, Structured Products, and Municipals use SOLVE to eliminate market noise and convert their unstructured messages into organized and actionable information allowing them to save time, stay on top of their markets, monitor their portfolios, and identify trade opportunities.

Near-Real-Time Observable Market Data

Combined trade and quote data provides deep market color about specific bonds and related comparable bonds, resulting in confidence that Traders are executing at the best levels. Save time aggregating and cleaning data by using the most complete and near-real-time observable market data available to power your automated trading engines.

Indicative Scales

Confidently provide a level of interest in new issues with access to indicative scales for any deal coming to the market and an easily searchable complete database of scales for all new municipal issues.

SOLVE Market Data Platform for Buy-Side, Sell-Side, and Service Providers

SOLVE Market Data Platform is the only solution with Deep Market Insightâ„¢ that gives you the unique insights you need to buy, sell, or value fixed income securities quickly and with confidence.

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SOLVE Quotes Web & Feeds

  • Organized quotes and color from your firm’s messages or sourced from the market
  • Current quoted market for your bond and best Bid/Offer
  • Visualize historical price trends
  • Receive price & activity alerts
  • BWICs, dealer inventories & active markets
  • Match quotes against your Portfolio positions
  • Search comparable securities and capital structure
  • CLO comparable securities
  • Access holders information
  • FIX and FTP feed delivery options available
  • Dealer inventories & active markets

DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Analysis by SOLVE

  • Enter a CUSIP to receive trade data for the target bond, issue and comparables
  • Spread-based pricing with summary metrics and trend visualization
  • Identify alternative bonds actively trading

DIVER Trade Ticker by SOLVE

  • Access trade prints with accurate spreads within seconds of reporting by the MSRB
  • Custom tickers for a specific bond, credit or market segment
  • Data provided configurable to reflect what is important to you

DIVER New Issue Pricing & Scales by SOLVE

  • Baseline scales for any deal or market segment
  • Easily source comparable deals from a complete database of new issue scales

Save time. Reduce risk. Build your business.