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Outperformers Spotlight:
Week Ending 11/18/22

Top Outperformers from Solve Advisors’ Bank Loan data.

Automotive Industry – CooperStandard Holdings

Cooper-Standard Automotive’s Term Loan outperformed other issuers in the Automotive Industry by 2.42% last week after announcing the execution of a transaction support agreement with certain subsidiaries to consider a number of refinancing options.

Energy: Oil & Gas Industry – Epic Crude

Epic Crude’s Term Loan outperformed other issuers in the Oil & Gas Industry by 6.62% last week after announcing the EPIC Crude Terminal has now been added to the leading international crude oil pricing benchmark issued by S&P.

Telecommunications Industry – Metronet

Metronet’s Term Loan outperformed other issuers in the Telecommunications Industry by 1.24% last week after announcing plans to roll out new internet service infrastructure which includes a symmetrical, multi-gigabit internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits, the fastest multi-gigabit internet service available.

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