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Top Outperformers from SOLVE’s Bank Loan data.

Energy: Oil & Gas – EG Group

EG Group’s Term Loan outperformed other issuers in the Oil & Gas Industry by 1.10% last week after Realty Income announced a $1.5 billion sale-leaseback of mini-mart convenience store properties from the group.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals – Vyaire Medical

Vyaire Medical’s Term Loan outperformed other issuers in the Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry by 2.11% last week after announcing an agreement for the sale of their consumables business to SunMed, a leading North American manufacturer and distributor of consumable medical devices for anesthesia and respiratory care.

Media: Advertising, Printing, and Publishing – R.R. Donnelley

R.R. Donnelley’s Term Loan outperformed other issuers in the Advertising, Printing & Publishing Industry by 1.23% last week after announcing $1.25 billion in financing from Apollo.

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