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Jennifer Fredericks heads to SOLVE as sales director

Jennifer Fredericks has joined SOLVE, a market data platform provider for fixed income securities, as sales director.

Fredericks joins SOLVE after most recently working at Ice Miller LLP, where she was director of business development for public finance.

The hire is part of SOLVE’s deeper move into the municipal asset class and comes on the heels of last year’s acquisition of fintech company Lumesis.

“We just passed the year anniversary” of the Lumesis acquisition, said Mike Pascuma, SOLVE’s chief revenue officer and head of business development. “We had a number of key acquisitions in 2022 as part of an expansion of our in the municipal asset class,” Pascuma said. “With [Fredericks’] extensive muni background and network and overall her personality, drive and focus and how much she’s involved with women leaders in public finance, it was something that made a lot of sense.”


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