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BDC-Held Portfolio Companies Marketing Incremental Debt

Solve has the most up to date information on 1000’s of BDC’s portfolio companies. Below is a sneak peek of BDC-held portfolio companies that are currently marketing incremental debt.

Issuer Deal Information Banks Price Talk Use of Proceeds BDCs Involved
First Brands Group LLC $250MM TL JEFF S+500, OID 96, 101 soft call through June 15, 2023 Fund acquisitions PhenixFin Corp., Prospect Capital, Prospect Sustainable Income Fund, Steele Creek, Great Elm Capital Corp., Prospect Capital
Moneygram International Inc. $850MM credit facilities: $150MM RC; $700MM TL GS,DB,BCLY,WF N/A Help fund buyout by Madison Dearborn Partners LLC Palmer Square Capital BDC Inc.


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