August 2022 Product Release Key Takeaways:

  • BWIC Monitor – Additional PX Talk Columns(New Product)
  • Read below for additional release details and information.


BWIC Monitor – Additional PX Talk Columns (range and average)

PX Talk values are now displayed in a range format on the BWIC Monitor. The PX Talk range will show Price, Spread, DM or Payup depending on which is most quoted for each bond. Users can click on the range to see individual price talk quotes listed by provider. This feature also includes a new column called Avg PX Talk, which contains the mean of the quotes provided for each security..

Spec Pool Search – New Criteria

Investor is now available as an additional search field for Spec Pools..

Corporate Search – New Criteria

Redemption price is now available as an additional search field for Corporates..

Add Quote – Automatic Current Face Population

When using the Add Quote function, Current Face will now automatically populate when the Original Face is entered..

Imported Data – Additional Summary Columns

Additional Summary Columns are added for Imported Data on portfolio and search grids: Last Imported Payup, Last Imported Payup Date, Last Imported Yield, Last Imported Yield Date, Last Imported Mark Price, Last Imported Mark Spread, Last Imported Mark Price Date, Last Imported Mark Spread Date..

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