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AdvantageData Workstation by SOLVE Enhancements Released 5/18/2023

Select Multiple Pricing Sources on the Pricing Page

AdvantageData Workstation by SOLVE has enhanced the Pricing page and added the ability to select multiple pricing sources at one time.

  • Clients can now select multiple pricing sources using checkboxes from the “Pricing Source” dropdown on the Pricing page
    • Previously, Clients could only select a single pricing source or all sources.
  • This enhancement has been implemented on the Pricing page for all applicable Asset Classes

Value Prop/Anticipated Use Cases – Clients can view and download pricing data from multiple sources within a single table.

About SOLVE 

Founded in 2011, SOLVE’s mission is to deliver transparency to the famously opaque Fixed Income market. We provide the Fixed Income industry with the most comprehensive, accurate, and real-time pricing information and market color available. 

Powered by machine learning and natural language processing, our sophisticated, flexible technology collects more data and market color when and how you need it. We house the largest dataset (500,000+) of bids, offers, and market color across five asset classes (Structured Products, Corporates, Bank Loans, CDS, and Municipals). Our powerful workflow tools eliminate the hassle of the BWIC process, consolidate dealer inventories, and streamline month-end for the back office, all in one place and at your fingertips. 

To learn more, contact us at: or +1-646-699-5041. 


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